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Premium Bamboo Charcuterie Board

Premium Bamboo Charcuterie Board

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It's a Pickleball Paddle! It's a Charcuterie Board! It's Both!

Craftsmanship meets functionality! Discover our unparalleled Premium Bamboo Engraved Pickleball Paddle Shaped Charcuterie Board, a harmonious blend of sports passion and kitchen elegance. This exceptional cheese or charcuterie board, meticulously crafted to resemble a (usable!) Pickleball paddle, is not only a captivating addition to your kitchen but also a thoughtful gift for both pickleball enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs.

Product Highlights:

  • Expertly handcrafted from the finest, food-safe bamboo
  • Artfully engraved design capturing the essence of a real Pickleball paddle
  • Double sided use: Pickleball themed side and classic non-engraved side
  • Works as a real pickleball paddle (not sanctioned)! Use it to win your next pickleball tournament or gift it as an award to the tournament winner!
  • Unites high-end aesthetics with practicality as a kitchen showpiece and a versatile cutting surface
  • Perfect for presenting dishes and snacks – an absolute must-have for pickleball themed gatherings
  • A meaningful gesture for birthdays, housewarmings, holidays, and pickleball events
  • The perfect gift for the Pickleball and charcuterie enthusiast in your life
  • Can also be used as a trivet!

Why opt for Our Bamboo Pickleball Paddle Charcuterie Board?

This charcuterie board is the result of meticulous craftsmanship, an object that sparks conversations and elevates functionality. The engraved design imparts a sense of individuality and charm to your culinary space, while the bamboo's robust nature guarantees longevity and consistent performance. From whipping up a snack to hosting a soirée, this cutting board seamlessly blends style and utility.

Use it as a cheese board, charcuterie board, trivet, or even a real pickleball paddle!


  • Material: Premium bamboo of the highest quality 
  • Size: 7.5” x 14.5” x .5”
  • Care: Hand wash recommended; periodic oiling for maintenance with Dick’s Wood Wax.
  • Made in the USA

Elevate your kitchen aesthetics with the finesse of our Premium Bamboo Engraved
Pickleball Paddle Shaped Charcuterie and Cheese Board. Place your order now to relish the fusion of athletic spirit and culinary artistry! Whether for your own pleasure or as a token of affection, this cutting board promises sophistication, practicality, and a touch of pickleball panache.

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